track your skin over time.
All at your fingerprint.

* NeoScan is NOT a therapeutic instrument.
Its use is intended just to archive and monitor.


Shot, archive, monitor
your skin

Analyze properties of your

Shot photos to your moles, to track eventually changes over time. For each shot, our algorithm analyzes the properties of your moles, making a projection of the eventual need to make a check by a doctor.

NeoScan allows you to send photos to our affiliated doctors to have a certified diagnosis.

Not just moles, but you can monitor and ask diagnosis also for other skin deseas.

What's the skin cancer risk?

Check it out with NeoScan

Sex, age and eyes color are just some of the properties that influence the risk to get a skin cancer in 5 years.

Download the app, fill in the fields about your profile and our algorithm will calculate your personal risk index.


Do you know your skin?

Preventing is better than cure

Each one has a different skin type. Each skin type should be cured in a specific way. Do you know which is your skin type? Download the free informative brochure and you will start to look at your skin in a different way.